Traffic management of your Network area

Traffic management in a local area network has become a sensitive issue in the operation of organizations, as companies complain about always spending more and never being satisfied. Sometimes the problem is not always the service provided, but how the service is used.

In order to guarantee an efficient use of the bandwidth provided, we favour the deployment of the Mikrotik routing solution which offers a very interesting quality/price ratio.

Mikrotik offers a range of inexpensive routers with a multitude of features:

  • Bandwidth monitoring: allows to visualize the bandwidth actually consumed globally and individually, which allows to confirm that the paid satellite bandwidth is what is provided. It is also possible to visualize the bandwidth of each station connected to the network.
  • Bandwidth segmentation: allows to limit the bandwidth on each workstation of the local network
  • Firewall: Mikrotik gives the possibility to control the traffic passing through the network, so the company can decide to let only the applications useful to the company pass on the Internet and to block the rest of the traffic, which considerably reduces the bandwidth consumption
  • The flexibility of connections: the Mikrotik router can be installed on a VSAT connection, a fiber optic connection, a wimax connection, a 3G key, etc...
  • Multiple connections management: it is possible to install multiple connections on a Mikrotik router and configure them so that the local network never goes down
  • Traffic prioritization: allows to decide who is entitled to the Internet connection without making physical disconnections
  • VPN: allows to interconnect the local network of geographically distant agencies from the Internet
  • Interconnection of sites via optical fiber

CAMTEL, Cameroon's historic national telecom operator, is deploying fiber optics from the city centers to the most remote areas of the hinterland. To facilitate the connection of users, we implement Mikrotik products to make fiber optic Internet connection available to households at low cost

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