Improve Telecom has a certification GVF Idirect Specialist guaranteeing expertise in the installation and commissioning of the most complex VSAT stations. This is the reason why internationally renowned companies such as MARLINK, ULTISAT, NWNS, ONLIME, VODAFONE, MTN etc... have trusted us. Experienced technicians who are available to travel to remote areas that are difficult to access enable us to ensure the maintenance contracts that we sign with our various partners.

We have had to deploy different ranges of point-to-multipoint and point-to-point wireless solutions that have had to evolve with the technology. Our mastery of Ubiquiti products has enabled us to interconnect the CNPS agencies and the various Customs sites in the city of Ndjamena in Chad in partnership with CHAD Technologies.
In Cameroon, we deployed a radio local loop on the campus of the Cosendaï Adventist University in Nanga Eboko, which allowed us to interconnect various buildings and to create a Wi-Fi hotspot on the campus.

A company, no matter how small, needs to have a reliable internal physical LAN because it is the medium used to communicate between machines, with the server and external networks including the Internet.
Improve Telecom has a team that, after conceptual analysis of the present and future dimensions that you want to give to your communication system, builds your physical network using products from recognized manufacturers such as LEGRAND, SCHNEIDER, etc ... The necessary logistics for drilling walls and slabs to fix the trunking, computer sockets, computer racks as well as qualified civil engineering technicians are assets that Improve Telecom uses to install a robust wired network that meets the standards.

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